How To Start Your Day


How To Start Your Day

No one can tell you how to live the perfect day. What’s a perfect day  to you could be a disastrous day to someone else.

So the most anyone can do for you is point you in a direction that you might  like.  

Clichéd but true; any good morning starts on the right side of the  bed and in most cases, the right side of the bed faces the window in  your room so you can catch a glimpse of the first rays in the light  blue sky. 

Any morning you want to be worth it involves all of your favorite  things. This could be a bubble bath or a warm cup of espresso to  kick start your mind. Some people read a book while their mind is  fresh to reminisce about their favorite characters throughout the  day.  

When you’re starting a day, try to never start it on a bad note. 

Typically, if your day commences well, then the rest of the day  doesn’t seem so menacing and you can better handle situations you  face through the morning, afternoon, evening and night.  

Don’t tackle anything stressful in the morning. Things you know  will take a long time and hard effort, save for after you’ve spoiled  yourself a little in the morning.  

Most people assume that time for yourself is at night or in the  evening when the day comes to an end. While this is an  understandable assumption, time in the evening should actually be  dedicated to wrapping up and completing your day.  

The best time to spend on yourself is the morning, when the sun is  high and the day begins. Yes, you have to prepare for the following outcomes and responsibilities of the day, but that’s why it’s better  to start your days earlier.  

Starting them earlier gives you more time to yourself, enough time  to make the morning an enjoyable routine rather than one you  resent.

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