10 Affirmations for Attracting Health


10 Affirmations for Attracting Health

It is entirely too easy to take our health for granted these days. A  cookie here, a candy bar there. At first, nothing happens, but  slowly, over time our weight starts to creep up, and we start to  feel tired and down in the dumps. Not to mention all of the  negative feelings that go along with it: anger, anxiety, and  frustration along with a decrease in our self-esteem.  

Fortunately, becoming healthier is relatively simple. All it takes is  making a decision to make a change in our lives. This applies to  both our mental and physical well-being. Consciously making small, seemingly insignificant, but positive choices every day will  bring results that are often surprising. After three weeks we  develop a habit and suddenly discover that it’s not only become  easier, but automatic to make better healthier choices. 

Just like with our physical health, you can strengthen your mind  by nourishing it with developing your skills and talents, good  books, spending more time with friends, and seeking out more  experiences that provide us opportunities for growth.
Here are  some affirmations for maintaining and improving your health.
1-  I am worthy of being healthy.
2-  I love how it feels to be healthy.
3- My body heals easily and quickly.
4- My heart is healthy and strong.
5- My fitness and health are a priority.
6- Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me.
7- My body grows healthier and stronger every day.
8-  I am looking forward to a healthy future because I take care  of my body now.
9- Peace flows through my body, mind, and soul.
10- My body heals itself, and I feel better every day.

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